Friday, October 17, 2014

Kamailio 4.2 Tips: #4 - Asynchronous SQL Query

SQLOPS is the module giving the tools to perform SQL queries to different databases from configuration file and have the result in variables. But in many cases the result doesn't matter, think about pushing statistics to database in order to have a web application rendering some graphs or displaying various reports.

With older versions, you could use a combination of mqueue, rtimer and sqlops to do kind of asynchronous database operations.

Now, Kamailio 4.2 has a new function - sql_query_async(...) - that delegates the database operation to be done in one of the processes from async pool (new in 4.2 as well). The SIP worker process is immediately ready to process next task in the config or handle next packet from the network. The config file is simpler and performances are higher.

sql_query_async("ca","INSERT INTO regstats(username, time) VALUES('$au','$Ts'");

Enjoy it!

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