Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kamailio 4.2 Tips: #6 - Multi-part body management

It was not very common to have SIP messages with multi-part body, but in context of SIP-I/T or instant messaging and presence, or even emergency services, such bodies can occur.

Kamailio 4.2 is a big step forward to simplify the management of multi-part body from configuration file. Textops module introduced three dedicated functions:
  • set_body_multipart( [txt, content_type] [, boundary])
  • append_body_part(txt, content_type [,  content_disposition])
  • remove_body_part(content_type)
All together, they give the option to convert to a multi-part body, set or add a part and remove a part from the body.

Here are some examples:

append_body_part("7e Od 04 55 75 69 20 4d 61 6b 65 43 61 6c 6c",

Resulting content in the body is:

Content-Type: application/vnd.cirpack.isdn-ext
Content-Disposition: signal;handling=required

7e Od 04 55 75 69 20 4d 61 6b 65 43 61 6c 6c


Removing some part, can be done with:


Enjoy it!

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