Thursday, August 28, 2008

OPENSER v1.3.3 Released

August 27, 2008 - OPENSER v1.3.3 is out - a minor release of the branch 1.3, including fixes since v1.3.2 - configuration file and database compatibility is preserved...

A new release in 1.3 series is out. OPENSER 1.3.3 is based on the latest version of branch 1.3, therefore those running 1.3.2 or earlier version in this branch are advised to upgrade.

Source tarballs are available at:

Detailed changelog:

Download via SVN:

svn co openser

Tag for this release can be browsed at:

Modules' documentation:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kamailio Logo

If you have artistic sense and idea of a new logo matching the new name Kamailio, you are welcome to submit your work at devel [at]

The submissions are uploaded at:

Turburea, Gorj, Romania

Sunday, Aug 17, 2008, Constantina Dita-Tomescu, won gold medal of marathon at Beijing Olympic games. At age 38 she became the oldest marathon winner at Olympic games.ṭă-Tomescu

I am more proud of this success as I am coming from same place, Turburea, Gorj County, South-West Romania. The area seems to have precious resources for long distance running athletics. Constantina’s colleague, Lidia Simon, who won silver medal of marathon at Sidney Olympic games 2000, comes from same village.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Kamailio v1.4.0 Released

KAMAILIO v1.4.0 is released

August 7, 2008

Kamailio is the new name of the SIP server known so far as OpenSER. Due to trademark issues, the OpenSER project had to change the name. Officially, the new name was announced on July 28, 2008.

Version 1.4.0 brings many new features since OpenSER v1.3.0 as well as improvements to existing components. An important share of effort was directed to code cleanup and stability. Moreover, new features in core and old modules were added while other 6 new modules were introduced.


You can download the tarball of the released sources at
Binary packages for several distributions you can find at

Packages will be uploaded as soon as they are submitted.


* modules' documentation:
* migration guide :

Summary of the new stuff in core:

* overhauled DB API - better performance and safety, more common functionality integrated in the core
* extensive cleanups in database drivers - integrate common functionality into the core for more stability and maintainability
* SDP parser - provides an internal API for parsing SDP
* fixup functions - provides an internal API for fixing module parameters
* new free fixup functions - making safer to use some functions exported by modules in embedded languages such as Perl
* extension to module interface - its now possible to use up to 6 parameters in module functions

New modules:

* db_oracle - ORACLE DB driver - connect to Oracle SQL Server
* dialplan - Dialplan management - dialplan regular expression based translations
* nat_traversal - NAT traversal helper
* peering - RADIUS based peering allowing SIP providers to verify via a broker if source or destination request is from a trusted peer
* ratelimit - SIP ttraffic shaping control and server load control based on your rules
* userblacklist - User-specific blacklists

New in existing modules:

** acc module
* it is possible to log accounting related output to a different log facility
** cfgutils module
* new FIFO functions get_config_hash and check_config_hash for config file checks
* shared PV exported to configuration script
* debugging helpers usable from config script for abort, shm_status and pkg_status
** mysql module
* enable timeouts on connect, read and write to prevent blocking on errors
** database modules
* renaming of all database modules, addition of the prefix 'db_', e.g. mysql is now db_mysql
** carrierroute module
* much more flexibility in routing and database supported failure routing, improved internal structure
** dialog module
* internal API reworked for better flexibility
* direction of the message provided via the internal API
* new dialog callback types
* new mi command: dlg_list_ctx
** dispatcher module
* ability to load destination URI flags from database at startup or reload
* new algorithm to hash the content of a pseudo-variable
** enum module
* enum_fquery([...]) replaced by enum_pv_query([...])
** msilo module
* notification system refurbished - message body, content-type, from address and contact header can be dynamically specified with pseudo-variables
** pdt module
* accepts now same destination domain bound to different prefixes
* internal structures and logic optimized for memory and performance
** lcr module
* refactor module functions
* pseudo-variable support
** mediaproxy module
* update to version 2.0
* better performance and scalability as packets are forward in kernel space

New testing suite

* a testing suite to ensure quality checking and regression tests reports has been developed, included in the repository and used during this development cycle

Other important changes

* modules' documentation has been migrated to DOCBOOK XML format
* doxygen documentation extended and developer guide published
* serweb tables have been removed
* command line tool to manage dbtext in a SQL fashion

These are not all, there is a big change log that gives more details: