Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kamailio Devel Team

November was very busy for myself, with lot of work and traveling for the, so apart of announcing few updates, I focused on getting things done rather than going in pointless discussions. I will send couple of other emails related to this subject.

However, there was one person writing untrue statements and offending the developers of Kamailio/OpenSER on mailing lists, web and IRC channels. If he would have searched a bit on the net, have talked with our developers, he would realise that people in our team are very rich in skills and experience, then probably he would refrain from statements like “no skills”, “no knowledge”.

Until someone else than himself, recognise him as the greatest, gets the Nobel prize, publishes world recognized books or standards, so I can take his opinion in consideration, the development of Kamailio/OpenSER Project is ensured by people such as:
- Juha Heinanen, doctor in computer science, former professor at Tampere University, author of many RFCs, and the list can continue … from the web:
- Klaus Darilion, doctor in computer science at Technical University Vienna, involved in ENUM and security of VoIP/SIP, author/contributor to several open source applications and papers related to these domains:
- Henning Westerholt, computer science engineer, in charge with the biggest VoIP deployment based on Kamailio/OpenSER I ever heard of: about 2 000 000 users, 5 000 000 phone numbers, 1 000 000 000 routed minutes per month. It is at least twice bigger than other deployments of openser/kamailio I am aware of.

I am stopping here, but all the other members of Kamailio/OpenSER devel team have broad knowledge in computer programming and VoIP technologies, authored or contributed to other open source applications — just google the names. As co-founder of this project I felt is my duty to show the true.

Therefore those statements are proofless and it is sad to see somebody can come up with such things. The development of Kamailio/OpenSER boosted since release 1.4, in summary:

and we are not ready yet with the new features for 1.5. Meanwhile, effort is directed to project as well — I will post a status update soon.

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