Friday, November 21, 2008

First Kamailio (OpenSER) Module Ran On SIP-Router

Yesterday evening first Kamailio (OpenSER) module ran on the common layer core+tm provided by sip-router project. That was siputils (new module in Kamailio devel version).

Soon after:
- xlog module was ready too, with just an extra define in Makefile, marking the inclusion of pseudo-variable and transformation API in sip-router — one can do color printing via xlog. Note that all pseudo-variables and transformations will be moved in PV module as discussed some time ago on Kamailio devel mailing list.
- DB API of Kamailio and SER were included as library and other modules become compilable with sip-router

For reference:

Once MI and statistics APIs will become libraries as well, then many other Kamailio (OpenSER) modules shall work more or less out of the box (some statistics done in core and 1-2 mi commands will miss in the first phase). Then it comes the second big step, after module integration, config language update — after that point we are kind of 70% ready.

All these happened in just few days since source code repository (GIT) was up … it looks like we will get most of the features from Kamailio (OpenSER) and SIP Express Router (SER) together sooner than expected … let’s see …

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