Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kamailio and SER Usage Statistics

In order to present at 10 years SER conference in Berlin, I (Daniel-Constantin Mierla) am looking to get some statistics about usage of SER-based applications (e.g., SER, OpenSER, Kamailio, OpenIMSCore, …). Everything is going to be like a combined report, not individual listing. Therefore, if you want to participate, your name or company won’t be mentioned.

Here are some stats I thought of:

  • type of usage: production, evaluation (testing), research
  • number of subscribers (phone lines)
  • percentage of phones behind NAT
  • number of calls per month
  • number of call minutes per month

I am not looking for exact numbers, but rough estimation (e.g., about 10 000 phone lines, …). Of course, some of the metrics don’t apply always (e.g., if you do termination routed through SIP server, you don’t have subscribers, but just calls traffic). Those doing deployments, can make one summary of statistics for all instances. You may send other statistics you think they worth publishing.

Again, this is voluntary, naming is not required. I hope only those giving real number will write back — I will try anyhow to figure out if someone is just dumping fantasy numbers. If privacy is really a big concern, from case to case, everything can be done under NDA.

Send the statistics or contact me for further details per email at: <daniel [at] kamailio.org>. Many thanks in advance to those that are going to participate in this survey!

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