Monday, August 1, 2011

10 years SER Conference – Sep 2, 2011, Berlin, Germany

We are organizing an open conference to celebrate 10 years since the first line of code in SER and Kamailio SIP servers. The event is hosted by FhG Fokus Research Institute in Berlin, Germany, the place where SER project was started. The web page for the event with details about location and program is available at:

There is no participation fee for the conference day, registration can be done via web form. At this moment there are about 20 special guests and 14 speakers, with participants from 15 countries.

If you use SER-based applications (like ser, openser, kamailio, openimscore, …) and want to present about it or you want to sponsor the event in exchange of advertising through project channels, contact us via event registration form.

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