Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Remarks about LinuxTag 2011

This year I attended the last two days of LinuxTag show in Berlin. Kamailio project had a booth at exhibition hall for the four days, but I arrived late for it from the Silicon Valley trip.

However, it was just in time to meet with most of the people that took care of project's booth. In a rare moment, due to spread across the world, there were 5 of the 11 members of Kamailio management team.
From left to right: myself, Elena-Ramona Modroiu (Asipto), Henning Westerholt (1&1), Raphael Coeffic (Tekelec, developer of SEMS project), Andreas Granig (Sipwise) and Carsten Bock (Telefonica/O2).

Henning had a presentation about Linux at 1&1, including remarks about usage of Kamailio. Carsten did the fast track, two slides presentation of Kamailio project.

The number of visitors was balanced during my two days there, Friday and Saturday, with waves of crowds. As usual, many of the well know open source projects were there, such as famous Linux and BSD distributions, CMS projects such as Drupal or Typo3, Mozilla, a.s.o.

Very interesting for us, we learned that the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) sponsors an integration project that aims to provide a secure, scalable and easy to use open source PBX platform when they presented the upcoming "Gemeinschaft" PBX version 4 that will use Kamailio and Freeswitch.

Yet another confirmation that secure communications, including SIP over TLS, will have a relevant boost this year in VoIP.

Inside our booth, we offered demos and presentation of various Kamailio use cases:

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