Thursday, June 12, 2008

Very interesting approach of “451 CAOE Theory” related to European Football Championship 2008. They are going to analyze the presence of Open Source in the countries paying there, selecting the winner based on best performances with Open Source. More details at:

Romania is playing there and the Open Source part of the game happened.

Typically, some comments were out of the scope, just to label them only like this. Indeed, it is lot to do with respect to Open Source in Romania.

I got in touch with Open Source in my first University year. It can be an excuse that after communist regime it took some time to put the country on the right movement, but it still happens now, people get in touch with Linux at University, if they follow software programming. Otherwise, Open Source, Linux mainly, is like a Morgana, rumors that exists, but nobody tells something about it in the educational system.

As there are many Open Source applications running now on Windows, lot of people are not aware they use Open Source — case of Firefox or Open Office.

ROSDEV and eLiberatica are Romanian events that try to promote Open Source and I hope they will succeed. But will take time. As long as the educational system does not produce a minimal knowledge about Linux and other Open Source applications, the local business cannot afford trainings. I am not talking about IT companies, but about the rest which represents more then 90%. I can say that all I do privately with my laptop or as business with ASIPTO and Kamailio (OpenSER) is 99% Open Source, that is insignificant at country level.

I am dreaming to the moment when going to Travel agency, administrative offices, a.s.o. I will see a Linux Desktop running … for sure I will blog it …

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