Thursday, June 12, 2008

Approaching OPENSER v1.4

The time for a new major release is approaching. Last minute discussions about some lately introduced code keeps the situation a bit unclear for the moment regarding the release day.

However, this post tries to underline the new features and important aspects that happened during last development cycle.

There are six new modules:
- db_oracle - database driver to connect directly to Oracle servers
- dialplan - regular expression based dialplan management
- nat_traversal - helper for nat traversal
- peering - RADIUS based peering
- ratelimit - call rate control module
- userblacklist - user based blacklisting

Lot of other new features and refurbishing in existing modules such as carrierroute, dispatcher, dialog, mediaproxy, msilo, cfgutils, pdt, textops.

Review of the DB API, fixup functions, new transformations and pseudo-variables are some of the core updates.

Related to this cycle, worth to mention the first OPENSER Devel Guide, a free, electronic book available at:

and first printed book about OPENSER:

Building Telephony Systems With OPENSER.

I encourage everyone to start testing the upcoming OPENSER 1.4. Will be a big step forward.

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  1. I have been configuring PUA_XMPP module by referring the dokuwiki pua_xmpp conf example for over 1 month. But still can't get the presece sip-xmpp exchang working, could you please tell me if the latest 1.3.2 from svn 1.3 branchs has the working functionality of presence gateway of sip-xmpp.
    My conf is over here,
    and the facts is I have a xmpp server running at, and have openser(mysql+presence+pua+xmpp+pua_xmpp)module running on, but no FQDN in this host, so I added sip_domain:sip.rcs.demo and gateway_domain:xmpp.rcs.demo to the /etc/hosts file of openser host.
    The problem is the presence information couldn't be shown in both side, and subscription failed always on both side.

    In sip eyebeam: I login as tcc@, and I added sip:gaqian*;

    In xmpp (pidgin): I login as, and I added tcc*

    Is there anything wrong or missing by my configurations?