Thursday, July 5, 2007

ClueCon 2007 Remarks

ClueCon'07 was a remarkable VoIP developer event, one of the best I attended so far. The commercial aspect was low profile, a lot of speeches focusing on the technical aspects. Very interesting were the group meetings of developers, discussing interoperability issues and collaboration mechanisms.

My speech was a general presentation of OpenSER, going to tech stuff as well. Because of many requests, I gave the second presentation Thursday morning, showing real configuration examples of OpenSER, from the simplest one, to more advanced, exemplifying with config. I went through load balancer, presence server, registrar or redirect servers, Perl application example.

Among interesting things there: nice demos from Truphone, FreeSWITCH updates, Ruby library for Asterisk AGI (simple way to create advanced dialing plan), voice transformation and liar detection :-) , Jingle discussion panel.

The slides from my first presentation are at:

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