Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bunch of new features in devel version

The development version (to be released as 1.3.0) has introduced recently a bunch of new features. Among them is long waiting LDAP connector support (ldap module). The module allows to execute search queries against LDAP servers and fetch results in AVPs. It has support for LDAP server failover, can work with many LDAP servers simultaneously.

The auth module added support to do authentication taking the username and password from pseudo-variables (which include AVPs). Combining this with ldap module, one can easily implement authentication against LDAP servers via configuration file.

Several enhancements were included in the dialog module, making the internal structure persistent over OpenSER restart using database. Now completed dialog details (From/To headers, Contact, Record Routes, ...) are stored.

The mi_datagram module came to replace the old unixsock server (btw, this has been removed already). It is a new transport for the management interface (MI), completing the FIFO and XMLRPC. It can deal with both unix socket files and inet datagram sockets.

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