Friday, August 26, 2016

SIPit 32

The next SIPit – the SIP Tnteroperability Test Event – will be held at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory, in Durham, New Hampshire, USA, during September 12-16, 2016.
SIPit facilitates testing your SIP implementations, gathering of SIP professionals that develop phones, PBXes, servers or other SIP application to enable peer-to-peer an multiparty tests.
There is a great testbed of various NAT networks for those of you working with NAT traversal issues, including IPv6 in the network as well as an extensive set of tests for TLS. This year, there will also be a focus on STIR – the new secure identity handling in SIP.
Olle E. Johansson explains why you should participate in the next slides:
To register and learn more details, go to the main SIPit web site:
Along the past 15 years, Kamailio-SER participated at many of the SIPit events, which is reflected in the robustness of the application. This edition, at least Olle will be again there to ensure the latest version stays rock solid.
Many of the automatic tests on site are built using Kamailio, go there and hammer it!
Thank you for flying Kamailio!

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