Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Kamailio Module: dmq_usrloc

A new module is available in the Kamailio development branch: dmq_usrloc
This module adds replication of user location records to multiple Kamailio nodes using the distributed message queue (dmq) module. It’s developed by Andrey Rybkin, one member of our expanding development team.
Replication of location records has been possible for a long time in Kamailio, using either actions in routing blocks such as t_replicate() or uac_req_send() or relying on the presence_reginfo + pua_reginfo modules. Also, using database replication layer or clusters was an option as well.
Integration with dmq offers more flexibility in adding and removing Kamailio nodes from the SIP platform and a simplified configuration file.
The readme of the module is available at:

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