Friday, August 15, 2014

New YUM-RPMs Repository for Kamailio

Courtesy (sponsoring the hardware and bandwidth), Fred Posner/Palner Inc for helping with configuration and maintenance, we got a server located in USA to use for the project. Main purpose for now is using it as a RPM repository, available as
The server takes the packages from open suse build service, making a local mirror. It is not yet automated, but should happen in the future (anyone that can help here with some script, is more than welcome to join the team) — anyhow, we generate the rpms only at stable releases.
The mirror should be usable as an yum repository or individual package download via http, more details at:
We are asking interested people in the community to give it a try and report eventual issues to mailing list .
Also, if you build packages for other distributions, we can mirror them on the server — get in touch to setup the process.

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