Monday, July 29, 2013

IETF87 in Berlin

This week is the 87th IETF meeting in Berlin, Germany, with over 1500 participants looking to move one step further the standardisation specifications for Internet related protocols.
A part of it is related to real time communications, including SIP as signaling protocol, IPv6 or DNSSEC/DANE as technologies everyone rely on for the future, and of course, not the last one, the WebRTC and WebSocket. These are topics close to Kamailio project and we want to stay up to date and involved in their evolution process.
Among our project developers, I and Olle E. Johansson are at the event, if anyone is around as well and is interested in getting an update about what’s up lately with Kamailio, hunt them in the area or ping them on the mailing lists.

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