Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Per module debug level in Kamailio

The Debugger module got a new infusion of tools that should make troubleshooting at runtime easier. The latest set of commits from me added the ability to enable per module log level.
What does that mean? Practically, for example, you can configure that log messages from tm module to be printed with DEBUG level threshold and the rest at ERROR threshold. The result is that the tm module will be very verbose, printing all debug messages, while the rest of the code will print only errors or lower log level messages. This feature is seful when troubleshooting a specific module, the log file not being filled by messages that are not important for the case.
Victor Seva contributed further with several enhancements allowing to enable/disable this functionality at run time as well as change module log levels via RPC commands (without restarting Kamailio).
For more details, see the readme file of debugger module:
We hope this functionality is going to help many Kamailio users out there!

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