Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kamailio World – Quick Follow Up

First I want to thank to all participants to Kamailio World Conference, everyone having a relevant contribution to it, turning out the two days in a very successful event.
Special thanks to our sponsors – SipwiseFraunhofer FokusAsiptoSipgateNG-VoiceIT Center,Amooma and Zoiper – without them it would have been pretty impossible to bring a great group of speakers, have a nice location, excellent logistics and services on site – practically all that had matter to get such great event.
As organizers, we learned a lot, significantly helping to get even better for next editions. Please do send feedback to us, it is very important to improve for the next years, even if you didn’t participate, you can tell us what you would like to have at such event.
For everyone in the community, the slides should be published in the near future. We also recorded the sessions, not checked the movies yet, if the quality is fair enough, then they will be made available (probably will take a bit longer than the slides). Several sessions were recorded separately also by Randy from VUC, being already available on youtube:
We will soon publish more details, as new resources are made available.

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