Friday, February 22, 2013

Kamailio 4.0.0 beta stress-tested at SIPit #30

From web site:
SIPit is the event created by the SIP Forum to test the SIP protocol impementations that Open Source projects and vendors have. It’s not a certification, it’s a test lab where everyone test their implementations – from very basic SIP calls to advanced functions, like multiparty video conferencing, WebRTC and security. SIPit is now once a year in different locations. SIPit 30 was hosted by Cisco in RTP, North Carolina, USA. Kamailio was of course there, following a long tradition of participation in SIPit for the project.

SIPit – one to one and multiparty tests

At SIPit there are many one-to-one tests where two development teams test their products for interoperability. There are also multiparty tests, and it’s in these tests that a proxy gets the real heat. Many implementations meet in a room and set up various forms of tests. All kinds of devices connect to the SIP server and exchange calls – over TCP, UDP, TLS and the new SIP over Web-socket transport. Video, audio and text is exchanged and in some cases the proxy is attacked in various ways with large amounts of traffic.

Tester: Olle E. Johansson (OEJ): “4.0.0 is ready for release”

This year, Olle E. Johansson, a member of the development team and long-term Kamailio user and teacher, took Kamailio to SIPit. After many years of testing Asterisk at SIPit, testing Kamailio at SIPit  was a new thing for him. Since the 4.0.0 beta has an extremely solid and well-tested core, it was rather painless. The new modules for WebSockets and SIP Outbound was tested and a few new issues found and reported to the development list. Other developers were standing by to assist and fix issues as they showed up, so there was a large virtual team available to assist the testing.

- “Overall, I feel that 4.0.0 is ready to release. We need to fix some small issues with the new modules, but overall it’s a very solid release” says Olle. “Kamailio took part in every single SIPit Multiparty session, including the famous proxy doom test, and survived all tests. It’s not very surprising, considering that both SER and OpenSER has participated in almost every event, have a long history of large-scale production use  and have been tested thoroughly during the years.”

Automated Self Tests for many functions

Kamailio was also the foundation for the SIPit Automated Self Tests that have been in operation for a few SIPit events now. After this SIPit event, many of these tests will be made available for the public – including the IPv6-o-matic for dual stack and IPv6 testing and the SIPit TLS-o-Matic for TLS secure session testing. Olle is also planning to set up a web-socket enabled server for TLS and RTCweb testing in the future.

The Kamailio Development team is already looking ahead to the next SIPit event with yet another new release!

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