Friday, January 4, 2013

Next Kamailio major release to be v4.0.0

The next major release of Kamailio will be versioned 4.0.0. The release series 3.x took care of Kamailio-SER integration, now that is completed, there is no duplicated module anymore.

Besides finishing the integration process, next major release brings several other very important additions:
  • websockets support – a new transport layer that allows calling through Kamailio directly from web browsers
  • IMS extensions – the IMS related modules are part of the main branch (about 10 new modules)
  • possibility to add ICE candidates to SDP when using RTPProxy for media stream relaying
  • over 10 new modules from the merged SER flavour
  • several other brand new modules, including Diameter peer and embedded provision interface
Freezing of the development for next major release is scheduled for end of Thursday, January 10, 2013. Then follows the testing period, with release target date just after mid of February.

Don’t forget about Kamailio’s first dedicated conference. It is the place where to learn more about the project, how and where to use it, as well as the chance to meet the people involved in the development and management. Read more about Kamailio World Conference at:
Happy New Year!

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