Friday, July 6, 2012

Two new Diameter-IMS modules added to Kamailio repository

Jason Penton of Smile Communications has just  committed CDP and CDP_AVP modules.
CDP (C Diameter Peer) allows Diameter communication from Kamailio and CDP AVP is a helper module for various applications on top of CDP (C Diameter Peer). CDP AVP module adds support for the following applications:
  • Various base AVPs (implemented in base.h) for RFC3588 base AVPs
  • Base AVPs (implemented in nasapp.h) for RFC4005 base AVPs
  • Diameter Credit Control App (implemented in ccap.h) for RFC4006 AVPs
  • EPC (implemented in epcapp.h) for 3GPP Rx, Gx(x) interface AVPs – see TS29l061, TS29.212, TS29.214, TS29.272 and TS29.299
  • IMS (implemented in imsapp.h) for 3GPP IMS AVPs, Cx, Dx, Sh interfaces – see TS29.229 and TS29.329
You can read more about them in the module documentation:

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