Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kamailio at VoIPUsersConference, Feb 17, 2012

Daniel-Constantin Mierla (co-founder) and Alex Balashov (member of management board) will coordinate a new session of VoIP Users Conference (VUC) about Kamailio SIP Server, on Friday, the 17th of February, 2012, starting at 17:00GMT. There will be other developers and users around, ready to answer whatever questions you may have.

VUC is the well know weekly online conference that allow everyone to connect via SIP (voice) and/or IRC (text) to interact with the guests. The host and moderator will be Randy Resnick. You can read more details about this weekly event at:
To participate, choose your preferred way to connect:
  • SIP:
  • Skype: or
  • IRC: #vuc channel on
  • PSTN: +15672522286
The session targets first to give an update on latest developments: asynchronous TLS layer, asynchronous SIP processing, SIMPLE presence extensions, embedded HTTP-XCAP server and MSRP relay, no-SQL storage systems (Redis, Cassandra), embedded interpreters (Lua, Python, C#), a.s.o.

Besides hearing what is new, it is a good chance for everyone to ask and learn about how Kamailio can be used by service providers to meet today’s communication demands: integrated voice, video, instant messaging and presence services, load balancing and least cost routing, security and confidentiality, scalability and redundancy, SIP in IPv6, interaction with web 2.0 and social networking services, …

The previous VUC session about Kamailio and SIP Express Router was done almost two years ago, you can read more and listen the recorded podcast at:

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