Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kamailio Presentations at Fosdem 2011

Fosdem 2011 edition was again very successful. The only problem that comes (naturally) to this event: it started to be very crowded, making a challenge to attend any kind of speech there.

For me was the opportunity to meet with many folks around Kamailio project and VoIP, most of them known from past editions, but every time I return from Brussels with a bag of new connections.

Saturday evening we had the traditional Kamailio dinner (we should turn it next year in Open Source Telephony dinner), this time in a fancy restaurant, but with very tasteful menu choices.

During the days we tried to use the breaks at maximum and discuss a bit about the future development in Kamailio and what is new in the VoIP world.

In the Open Source Telephony Devroom, Kamailio had two presentations:

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