Monday, November 1, 2010

Siremis v2.0.0 Released

Siremis v2.0.0 is out – the web management interface for Kamailio (Openser) v3.1.0 and SIP Express Router (SER).

This is a major release, with countless improvements and new features since v1.x series, among them:

  • major re-factoring of web interface
  • better accessibility
  • simplified menu structure
  • completely new look
  • dashboard with the map of all available tools
  • developed on top of Cubi and PHPOpenBiz v2.4 frameworks
  • web installation wizard
  • added new modules: xcap, dialog, new lcr
  • usage of separate database for siremis itself
  • management of users that can login to siremis
  • management of menu can be done from web interface
  • building Apache conf and htaccess file can be done by Makefie
  • charts to monitor location transport layers

Step by step installation tutorial, screenshots and demo are available on the web at:

Siremis is used during Kamailio Advanced Training classes for management of SIP server, a good oportunity to learn about Siremis itself, next locations are:

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