Monday, November 16, 2009

SIP Router Masterclass - Nov 2009, Berlin - remarks

The timing was perfect for this SIP Router Masterclass. In the first day, Berlin was celebrating the 20th anniversary of Wall fall, therefore the weekend before was full of public events.

Like every time, we had good distribution of students' origins, with people from Austria, Croatia, South Africa, France, Greece and of course Germany. The training room was delivered to us in German style, everything ready at the first hour Monday morning - computers for each student, network, projector, snacks and beverages - we being left to mount our SIP devices.

The evenings gave the opportunity to talk around German beers and sausages about the challenges SIP and VoIP face now, issues of the real world deployments and upcoming Kamailio 3.0 release.

Soon I should have some photos to upload.

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