Saturday, October 3, 2009

Podscast: Suzanne and I about Kamailio and Open Source VoIP

The day before SIP Router Devel Meeting in Berlin, I had very interesting Skype discussion with Suzanne Bowen about the VoIP environment today and Kamailio SIP Server project.

We could have talked for hours, Suzanne is the best at catching any new breed in IP communication world. Before ending we planed to record a short podcast (well, instead of 10min we got 14min) trying to look at best of past year:
  • releases and development
  • Best Open Source Networking Software 2009 award by InfoWord
  • sip router project
  • upcoming Kamailio 3.0
You can find the potcast at:

Should you be interested in learning how you can use Kamailio SIP server to build scalable and cost effective SIP/VoIP solutions, consider attending the Kamailio Masterclass, a professional training program taking place in Berlin, Germany, Nov 9-13, 2009, more details at:

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