Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book: SIP Security

I had it from quite some time now, really enjoyed reading it, so time for blogging it.

First, all authors are former fellows at FhG Fokus Institute, Berlin, Germany and most of them tight involved in SIP Express Router from day one. So this is not something written upon theoretical research and concepts but upon years of hands on experience with SIP networks.

Having technical background, I found interesting the blending of cryptographic mechanisms, security concepts and applicability to SIP networks. Everything needed to fully understand the book is inside.

For me, it is important to mention that lot of scenarios and solutions are exemplified with SIP Express Router, project I was involved pretty much from its beginning, from where I started Kamailio (OpenSER) back in 2005 and I met again last November within SIP Router project.

The foreworld from Philip Zimmermann really synthesize the security concerns about VoIP and SIP. Shortly, the main chapters:
- introduction to cryptographic mechanisms
- introduction to SIP
- introduction to IMS
- secure access and interworking in IMS
- user identity in SIP
- media security
- denial of services attacks on VoIP and IMS service
- spam over IP telephony

The chapter about DoS attacks is comprehensive, covering over 15 type of attacks. I will blog in more details about the chapters I find most interesting for me.

The book is available on Amazon UK:

There you can see complete table of content. A dedicated site for SIP security and this book is put up together by authors at:

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