Friday, August 14, 2009

SIP Router Project - GIT, Wiki and Bug Tracker

I have played a bit with dokuwiki and developed two plugins for it that allow quick referencing with GIT and FlySpray:

FlySpray is a lightweight bug tracking system that uses dokuwiki syntax, therefore any syntax plugin for dokuwiki should work out of the box for it as well.

Applied to SIP Router project, that means:

For FlySpray, when one describes or comments a bug, he/she can reference to a git commit by using: GIT#hash

- hash must be at list the first six characters of git commit hash value

Unfortunately FlySpray accepts only plain text in the "Close Task" description, so the GIT reference does not work there, yet.

In dokuwiki same syntax can be used. In addition, one can add references to FlySpray items via: FlySpray#itemid

- itemid is the integer id of FlySpray tracked item

I tried to collect all these plus other options for DW syntax in a wiki page:

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