Friday, October 17, 2008

LCR Module Enhancements

Juha Heinanen just committed to Kamailio (OpenSER) trunk an enhanced version of lcr module, including new features and increasing performance:

* New high-performance implementation that keeps lcr information in in-memory hash table, whose size can be given in a new module parameter 'lcr_hash_size'. See lcr/README for lcr functions' execution time.
* New 'weight' field in 'gw' table that can be used to assign a gateway a weight among gateways of its group.
* Support for prefix_mode=1 has been dropped.
* lcr_dump MI function has been split into lcr_gw_dump and lcr_lcr_dump functions.
* lcr_reload function is now executed under a lock thus minimizing race conditions.
* Regular expressions are now Perl 5.x, instead of POSIX, compatible due to use of PCRE regular expression library. This allow pre-compile in shared memory at load time, avoiding checks and regexp compilation at runtime.

Track what is new in upcoming Kamailio 1.5.0 at:

You can download trunk version of Kamailio via SVN:

svn co kamailio

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