Wednesday, April 2, 2008

OpenSER Social Networking Events - April-June 2008

In the period of time April - June 2008, there will be a series of OpenSER Social Networking events organized in different places world wide, during the time some other Open Source or VoIP events take place in the same city.

The events are most probably in the form of a dinner, organized together with local representatives of OpenSER community. The events are intended to be rather small size, to allow each one to know the others, in a nice and friendly discussion environment. The primary goal is to strengthen the relations within community and give opportunity to network for collaboration and business. Participation to any of these events is free, everybody pays for its expenses. Anyone interested in OpenSER, SIP or VoIP in general is welcome to join.

Next events are:

- Bucharest, Romania, April 12, 2008, tied up with ROSDEV2008 ( - Romanian site only)
- Orlando, FL, USA, April 22, 2008, tied up with OPENSER-Asterisk SIP Masterclass (
- Barcelona, Spain, May 6, 2008, tied up with OPENSER-Asterisk SIP Masterclass (
- Vienna, Austria, May 24, 2008, on the way to AsteriskTag (
- Berlin, Germany, May 28, 2008, tied up with LinuxTag (
- Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 3, 2008, tied up with VoN.x Europe (

The hour and exact place for each event will be announced few days before as the number of attending people is known and the reservation is done.

Although you are welcome to come at any time and without prior notice, you may find that there is no more available seat to join the table. To reserve a seat or join in the organization of an event, contact Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda [at] gmail [dot] com>.

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