Saturday, January 26, 2008

OpenXCAP v0.9.9 and Soap-Simple-Proxy v1.0.2

There is a new OpenXCAP server release available. Downloads and details at:

Soap-Simple-Proxy exposes a simple to use SOAP interface for the OpenXCAP server. It is a transparent proxy for SOAP to XCAP requests relying on XCAP server for authenticating requests.

Provided functions

1. Publish presence information (using pidf-manipulation application)
2. Set the presence policy for a given presentity (pres-rules application)
3. Retrieve the OpenSER watchers for a given presentity (watchers application)

The software can be used as

- Stand-alone data publisher for persistent Presence documents.
- Policy manager. You can build a web interface to manage the pres-rules
documetn and use it in combination with Eyebeam-lite as a complete SIP
SIMPLE client.
- To retreive and display the active watchers from OpenSER in a web

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