Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kamailio (OpenSER) Summit 2006 - November 8

Day before we met many Kamailio (OpenSER) folks at VoN party, chatting around some beers for long time, interesting visions and opinions about VoIP: SIP, P2PSIP, other VoIP systems: Skype, Yahoo... After midnight we left for hotel, we had to be at least one hour before the summit started, to prepare the room . The hall was bigger enough this time, with over 90 places for attendees.

First hour was dedicated to accommodation, coffees and tees, introduction to agenda and OpenSER History. During it, people assembled in the room, so when the first industry perspective started the audience was good. In the last minute we get Olle E Johansson to speak about OpenSER and Asterisk in the open discussion panel.

For statistics, we had 12 speeches and over 20 special guests, including the speakers. Time was rather short for what everything wanted to present, the schedule included a long break for lunch and Expo visit. We had to prolong both morning and afternoon sessions to cover everything planned. Considering that many from the audience stayed to the end (others had to leave some time before to catch the flights), my personal opinion is that what was addressed there gathered good interest.

From the OpenSER management board, the only missing was Juha Heinanen who couldn’t change his plans to be able to attend.

Download slides of
OpenSER Summit 2006: Agenda and OpenSER History

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